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Professional Diploma in Aromatherapy

Malaysia's 1st internationally recognised Diploma Certificate in Aromatherapy

accredited by Professional Academy, Lincoln University College.

The course lecturers are clinical aromatherapists certified by International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA),

and our graduates will registered as IFA Associate Members Level 3 Qualification with Massage

IFA is the first and largest governing body for professional aromatherapy worldwide.



Upcoming Intake

Orientation Day:

9th September 2024

One academic year
150 hours theory and practical classes
270 hours assignment and self-learning

  • Learn of the development and the history of aromatherapy and massage, the biological role and the quality influence factors of essential oils.

  • The knowledge and skills of using essential oils in aromatherapy treatments and the in-depth understanding of 60 essential oils’ extraction process, chemistry, safety for therapeutic treatments.

  • The understanding of the organization, structures and functions of the human body, enable the learners to remain professional in advising and safety perspectives.

  • The understanding of the effects of olfactory on the brain, human behaviour and psycho-emotional benefits from aromatherapy.

  • Acquire the full body aromatherapy massage skills on clients using a variety of massage techniques, safety and client management.

  • Develop an awareness of the safety guidelines of essential oils, its contraindications and potential hazards.

  • Effective and professional practices on variety of case studies for professional development.

  • Learn the synergy of TCM and Energy Healing with Aromatherapy, and Vulnerable Groups’ unique considerations.

  • Explore business opportunities of aromatherapy and the key factors on managing a business.

• Those intending to become a professional aromatherapist.
• Existing complimentary practitioners that intend to acquire additional or enhance their knowledge.
• Those involved in beauty, massage or cosmetic industry, now would like to improve individual skills.


Course Modules

First Aid & CPR

Adult Students

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Malaysia's 1st Professional Diploma in Aromatherapy accredited by a International University

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