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Applying Essential Oil

Understanding of how to use and how much to use is insufficient in professional aromatherapy, the science behind the permeation pathways and the effects on the body systems are important for aromatherapy treatment.

Module 3- Application of Aromatherapy


  • Study of blending, dosage & method of application.

  • To understand the Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacology of essential oil.

  • To provide knowledge on oil blending techniques base on essential oil chemistry.

  • To learn the role of Carrier oils in aromatherapy.

  • To understand holistic approach in aromatherapy treatment and framework.

​Course Learning Outcomes

  • To learn the method of applications.

  • To learn the essential oils dosage guidance.

  • Explain pharmacokinetics in aromatherapy.

  • Explain pharmacology in aromatherapy.

  • To define the guidelines for the purchase of Essential oils and carrier oils for therapeutic uses.

  • Discover the role of carrier oils and skill of blending.

  • Knowledge on therapeutic functions and matching with essential oils to maximise therapeutic effect.

  • To practice blending base on case study.

  • Outline a holistic approach for treatment prescription and framework.

​Important Topics

  • Method of applications.

  • Essential oils dosage guidance.

  • Pharmacokinetics of essential oils:

- Absorption via dermal

- Absorption via inhalation

- Oral intake 

- Distribution

- Excretion

  • Pharmacology of essential oils:

- the role of pharmacology

- properties of essential oils

  • Safe application methods.

  • The role of carrier oils.

  • Guidelines of purchase essential oils and carrier oils.

  • Blending based on essential oils constituents to maximise therapeutic effect.

  • Holistic approach for aromatherapy treatment.

  • Treatment framework.

  • Practical on blending skills of essential oils and carrier oils.

  • Practical on holistic treatment framework.


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