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Module 12- Aromatherapy for Vulnerable Groups

Aromatherapy holds particular importance for vulnerable groups, including individuals facing physical, emotional, or mental health challenges.


  • To identify Vulnerable Groups

  • To assess safety consideration

  • To customise aromatherapy practices

  • Learn the ethical practices

  • Learn the methods of evaluation and monitor the outcomes

  • To apply knowledge into practical blending skills for vulnerable individuals

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify various vulnerable groups and their unique considerations for aromatherapy.

  • Demonstrate the ability to assess and apply safety guidelines for aromatherapy in vulnerable individuals.

  • Develop customised aromatherapy plans, taking into account the specific needs and conditions of individuals in vulnerable groups.

  • Articulate ethical considerations and cultural sensitivity in the practice of aromatherapy with vulnerable individuals.

  • Implement evaluation strategies to assess the impact of aromatherapy interventions on the well-being of vulnerable individuals.

  • To practise blending skills based on vulnerable individuals’ needs.

​Important Topics

  • Vulnerable Groups in focus.

  • Safety Guidelines and Contraindications

  • Customising Aromatherapy Plans

  • Ethics in Aromatherapy

  • Evaluation and Monitoring

  • Practical lessons on blending techniques for different groups.


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