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A startup business plan is a written document that outlines your ideas and strategies for launching, managing, and eventually exiting your new venture. A well-constructed business plan can be crucial to the success of any entrepreneurial endeavor.

Module 9- Business Study


  • To know the value of learning Aromatherapy.

  • To know the career that involves in Aromatherapy.

  • To explore and analysis the procedures for starting a business.

  • To learn the management of a business.

  • To know and identify legal issues associated with starting and managing a business.

  • To learn critical thinking to evaluate and implement marketing strategies for a business.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Key factors to start a business.

  • Advertising guidelines.

  • Licensing and legal guidelines.

  • Business Management.

  • Business study and report.

  • Business plan report.

​Important Topics

  • The value of Aromatherapy.

  • The career related to Aromatherapy.

  • Business start-up plan.

  • Business advertising and legal guidelines.

  • Business Management.

  • Business Study.


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