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Module 8- Aromatherapy Perfumery & Blending

The synergistic blending of pure essential oils can be carried out for both aromatic and therapeutic purposes. A highly creative endeavour, blending can be guided by both one's intuition as well as classifications that align essential oils with their aromas and/or individual characteristics.


  • To learn the art of blending and principles of blending with essential oils.

  • To practice customize natural essential oil perfumes, skin care products and others.

  • Learn the aroma characteristic of essential oils.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Create therapeutic blends.

  • Understanding Essential Oil Aromas Classification

  • Learn about the aromas of different types of essential oils.

  • Learn to utilise the blending principles to match with suitable blend and aroma.

  • Observe the relationship between the aroma changes and the number of drops.

Important Topics

  • What is the art of blending?

  • Principles of blending

  • Blending techniques

  • International Fragrance Classification

  • Aromatherapy essential oil blend pairing and formula

  • The psychological impact of a blend

  • Common challenges in formula blending

  • Practical lessons on blending techniques

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