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Certified IFA Associate School

IFA Membership adds to your credibility as a practitioner as it confirms that you have reached a certain level of professional expertise and also shows that you are serious about your career and professional development.

The IFA quality mark is regarded by many such places as the organisation that delivers dedicated and experienced aromatherapists.

International Federation of Aromatherapists

The IFA is the first governing body for aromatherapy established in 1985. We regulate and accredit standards in aromatherapy for both practitioners and qualification providers. Set up for the safety of the public, we have been a registered charity since 1986. The IFA has the highest standard of training in the UK and pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS, hospices and care professions, which is why it is as accepted by the UK medical profession as it is today. Having worked with various government health committees to improve the practice of aromatherapy across the world, the IFA is actively involved with elevating academic standards and influencing policy in the CAM field. Our early tutors and experts, who created and informed our curriculum and qualifying standards, having been taught by some of the most influential names within the field and pioneers of aromatherapy itself. The IFA is extensively involved in supporting various causes and integrating aromatherapy as part of rehabilitation and care programmes and is one of the only UK charities to have invested in research. We are committed to raising awareness and offer current, scientific and empirical information.

What Makes the IFA Different?


The IFA was the first governing body established for aromatherapy worldwide established in 1985. Our long-standing reputation in the field, wealth of experience and supportive network enables us to deliver a specialist service to our registrants. 


The IFA has the highest level of education and training in aromatherapy and introduced the qualifying framework (curriculum) for professional practice, quality assurance and externally invigilated examinations in 1989 for aromatherapists. The IFA’s early tutors and experts, who created and informed our curriculum, were taught by some of the most influential names within the field and pioneers of aromatherapy itself.


The IFA is the first single discipline body for aromatherapy to be registered as a charity in 1986 for the public benefit, and to have its register approved by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) a body accountable to Parliament for the protection of the public.

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Recognition & Accreditations

Graduates will be awarded a Professional Certificate or Professional Diploma Certificate from the Professional Academy of Lincoln University College.

Lincoln University College is one of the premier private institutions of higher education approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Malaysia Qualification Agency.



Recognised by the National Accreditation Board MQA (Malaysia Qualifications Agency)



Recognised by KPT (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia) and MQR (Malaysia Qualifications Register)



“The Certificate of 5 Star Setara-2019”, awarded by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia



 ISO rated (International Organisations for Standardisation)


Member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)



Recognised by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


About LUC

Lincoln University College (LUC), located at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia was established in the year 2002 as Lincoln College (LC) and later upgraded to Lincoln University College in the year 2011. Lincoln University College is one of the premier private institutions of higher education approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA- National Accreditation Board).


The University College is also crowned with 5 Star ranking by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia Consecutively in 2017 and 2019. Our promise to the stakeholders that we shall hold this position forever. Lincoln University College is listed among the top nine Malaysian universities according to the Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact Rankings 2019 (2021). LUC is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified academic institution. Lincoln University College is also the associate member of the ‘Association of Indian Universities (AIU)’, Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), London and a member of ‘International Association of Universities (IAU)’, Paris.

The founders and administrators of Lincoln are true academicians who are committed to helping the students to achieve their potential in the education, research and employment world of this exciting new millennium. They bring together almost fifty years of higher education, post-secondary education and language teaching experience. Their backgrounds include teaching, research and professional training. The main focus of Lincoln University College is student-centred and student-directed. Our philosophy is that everyone has a claim to education to better their life, advance their career and reach their desired level of personal success.

Lincoln Professional Development Academy is the leading academy that provides a variety of Professional Training Courses under the supervision of Lincoln University Malaysia. All the Courses & Training are of Professional and Vocational in nature and provide the learner’s professional skills and knowledge for a specific discipline.

Lincoln Professional Development Academy offers a flexible, accessible prestigious Professional Course & Professional Training, Skills Enhancement Training to help you reach your set target occupation. Employability Enhancement Theme Professional Training Courses are also offered by Lincoln Professional Development Academy to develop the professional career of employees. Skills Enhancement Training Courses are specially designed to enhance the Professional Skill of candidates / Learners on their workplace to get the new direction of development.

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Accredited Training Center: (No. 8 Eden Holistic Professional Aromatherapy)

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