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Module 10 – Business Study

Studying the essential oil business can involve exploring the market trends, identifying customer needs, understanding the manufacturing process, and analyzing the competitive landscape.

Studying the essential oil business can involve a multidisciplinary approach that combines elements of marketing, manufacturing, and environmental sustainability. It can be an exciting and dynamic field, with many opportunities for innovation and growth.

Business Study

Here are some areas that can be studied in an essential oil business study:-

Market research: This involves analysing market trends and understanding consumer preferences and needs. It can involve studying the size of the market, the target audience, and the competition.

Manufacturing process: This involves studying the production process of essential oils, including the methods used to extract oils from plants, the equipment required, and the quality control measures in place.

Product development: This involves identifying customer needs and developing new products that meet those needs. It can involve studying the formulation of essential oil blends, packaging design, and labelling requirements.

Sales and marketing: This involves developing sales and marketing strategies to promote essential oil products. It can involve studying the pricing strategy, distribution channels, and promotional activities.

Regulations and compliance: This involves understanding the regulatory requirements for essential oil products, including labelling, safety, and manufacturing standards.

Sustainability: This involves understanding the impact of essential oil production on the environment and developing sustainable practices to minimise that impact.

  • The value of Essential Oil
  • The career related to Essential Oil Therapy

  • Business start-up plan

  • Business advertising and legal guidelines

  • Business Management

  • Business Study

Learning Outcomes

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