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Natural Baby Care Workshop

A natural baby care workshop typically refers to an educational and hands-on session where participants learn about and engage in the creation of baby care products using natural and organic ingredients. These workshops are designed for parents, caregivers, and individuals interested in providing gentle and chemical-free care for infants and young children.

Dry Plants

Are you a parent, caregiver, or someone passionate about providing the best for the little ones in your life? Join us on a journey into the world of natural baby care products, where we'll explore the art of crafting gentle, chemical-free solutions for your baby's well-being.

In this workshop, we'll delve into the essentials of creating natural and organic baby care products that prioritize your baby's health and comfort. From soothing balms to nourishing creams, discover the joy of making these products with love and care.

Our expert facilitators will guide you through the process, sharing insights into the benefits of using natural ingredients and helping you customize your products to suit your baby's unique needs. Get hands-on experience, learn valuable techniques, and gain the confidence to embrace a holistic approach to baby care.

Join us for a fun and informative session, where we celebrate the beauty of natural ingredients and the joy of nurturing your little ones in the most wholesome way possible.

Join us for this informative and fun workshop.

Class Duration:

3 hours

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand Natural Ingredients

  • Learn Basic Formulation Principles

  • Create DIY Baby Care Products

  • Promote Safe Aromatherapy for Babies and Kids

  • Develop Ability to Read Product Labels

  • Embrace and Eco-Friendly Approach

Practical Session:

  • Hands-on experience with making baby care products

  1. Natural Infused Oil

  2. Gentle Baby Cream

  3. Natural Diaper Rash Cream

  4. Natural Soothing Baby Powder

  5. Natural Bugs Repellent

  • Calculation and ratio

Bring home items:

  • Study notes

  • Certification of Attendance

  • 5 types of baby care products



A-5-5, Jalan 3/144A,

Medan Connaught,

56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


Image by Ignacio Campo
Babies have delicate and sensitive skin that is more prone to irritation and allergies. Natural products, free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic additives, are generally gentler on their skin, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.
Natural ingredients can provide nourishment to the baby's skin and promote overall well-being. Ingredients like natural oils, butters, and herbs may offer moisturizing, soothing, and healing properties.
Image by bady abbas
Many conventional baby care products contain synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances that may be harsh and potentially harmful. Natural products typically use ingredients derived from plants, fruits, and herbs, avoiding the use of synthetic and potentially irritating substances.
Parents can have more control and knowledge about the ingredients used in natural baby care products. This allows them to make informed choices based on their baby's specific needs and preferences.
Image by Khoa Pham
Image by Carlo Navarro
Using natural products aligns with a holistic approach to baby care, emphasizing the overall health and well-being of the child. This approach may extend to lifestyle choices, diet, and creating a safe and nurturing environment for the baby.

Join Us Now

Let's embark on this exciting journey together and create a world of love, care, and natural goodness for our precious bundles of joy!

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